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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Few words about herbs

There are some quintessential plants and herbs in "popular medicine". Many of them can be found on Velebit. Some grow and thrive on mountain sides, lower slopes , meadows , and others all the way down to the sea line.
All in all they form something what can be called nobility in floral circles. Because of particular climates depending on height and latitude, winds, scorching summers and freezing winters, mineral consistence of local terrains and many other unique conditions this particular herbs are IT.
If you pick up some purple flowers from the low growing mountain heather( in the summer, in the afternoon, be careful not to pick up white blossoms of the same kind-all tips I got from locals and although its impossible for me to explain reasoning behind hints....they work in practice) it will make nice, divinely smelling tea. Fortified with some mountain honey ( it is important that bees diet consists of the same) it does miracles in the winter....before or after common cold, or flue. Your respiratory system has to appreciate it.
My favorite is SAGE/salvia officinalis/.When sold commercially as a spice for mutton, fish, other kinds of meat-including game it can often be found under name Dalmatian sage. It is not for nothing. Dalmatian sage is strong in taste and often on very bitter side if you chew on it for some reason(there are reasons to do exactly that). Dalmatian variety and mountain variety differ a lot from each other.. They differ even more when compared to the kinds from British isles and other field sages .
Sage can cut on your perspiration. Some people claim it can cut it for 50% and all that because of very special oils .Recognizing sage as a drying agent for the body has been proven by several studies. It contains some very important antioxidants, too.(carnosic acid and some others as well). It is an excellent digestive remedy and helps enzymes to move nad flow. In one word sage in proper dosage can do very good things for your stomach.
Some women like effect sage has on their menopausal problems ( from hot flashes and night sweats....connected again with that nice drying ability).
According to personal experience I know it works for the gums. It has some particular kind of tannins to help sore or bleeding gums. Sage can make the difference after paradonthological or any dental procedures.
This sage review sound very "medical". It is very good and potent herb and it should be discussed in some recipes ( culinary stuff, not remedies). So...sage deserves to be reconsidered and reevaluated these days because it is unjustly neglected. Croatian sage in particular.


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