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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Prisnjak Lighthouse

Prisnjak is small and quiet island. It is located on the west from Murter. In appearance it seems to be natural part of Kornati although in reality it is a segment of Murter archipelago. Island is aprox. 6 miles far away from Kornati national park and only couple of hundreds of meters from Murter coast line.
Lighthouse was built in late 1800's. It is over 10m tall structure. Plain and pretty. Today it is automatic and it is not home to any permanent residents. In front of the building there is nice and wide stone patio and stone steps will take you down to the sea. It has some nice but rather small(what is nice again)tourist facilities for longer stay and info about it can be found in tourist agencies in Murter or any other agency that distributes facts about Croatian lighthouses.
Sea water is clean and clear. Very clean. Fish population is abundant and diverse. Many kind of fish find their home around small islands and islets on Adriatic coast / Croatian side , one with many islands... that is why Italian fisherman sneak so often and it is a important source ( one of them) of unpleasantness with Italian government. They do not play nice./
For a tourist it is desirable place to visit. If you are a diver spring to summer season is the best. For everybody else spring-summer-fall offer intoxicating mix(good wine and fresh fish may help) of wild and tame, stone walls, sea water surface and other breathtaking views from the lighthouse tower.


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