Guide to Croatia

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Something about guide to Croatia

Dont know much about blogging but I have some thoughts to share so here I am.
This blog will be source of information for everyone who want to visit Croatia. I hope that information and tips that I will provide on this blog will be useful.They are not only about tourism....that info is suppose to give people more general picture about possibilities of creating parallel life there and benefits of the same. It can be rewarding to know financial logistics behind previous statement. At the same time it gives a chance to people of different proffesions and callings to look into it as a new frontier(not in the terms of Wild West) for their work/job, carrier changes. Croatia is very much Mediterranean-Austro Hungarian-Central European country. Already this historical and regional mix offers to be a very interesting play ground. Best part is that we all need one-playground that is-either to create peacefull life or bring something what is well known to you but may be brand new there. I was thinking how fun it would be to try to cover enormous diversity in as many different subjects as possible. So far my expirience is that really unexpected topics end up mingling and inteconnecting.


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