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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Diving locations - Kornati, Croatia

Mrtovac is islet located only couple of minutes / by boat / from island Levrnaka.It is pleasure to dive down the vertical "wall" eventualy going 70 m deep. Formations of different kind of fish can be spotted as well as small caves on the bottom, habitats of red corals. Red corals have white tentacles and position themselves on the cave ceiling.

Balun is placed between two islands - Mana and Borovik. For decades it's been recognized as favorite diving spot on Kornati.In the waters arround southern tip of the island biggest colonies of Gorgonia ventalina ( soft coral with fan like shape) can be found. Nature of Gorgonias is that they all orient themselves in same direction and creates an amazing picture. Big Dusky groupers, spiny lobsters and jastog (type of big crawfish ) live on the rocky bottom and in crevices. Nearby are remanants of sunken wooden ship.

Lavsa is known for impressive underwater colony of Gorgonia. They start spreading on some 30m depth and cover that part of island "wall" .

Plicina Lumbarda /Shoal Lumbarda /is located 1,5 miles south from island Kurba vela. It si somehow positioned in the middle of the sea and caused many shipwrecks. Some of the wrecks are ancient and date 2000 B.C. and arround them amphorae remannats can be found. There are some medieval and some XIX ct. underwater artefacts, too.

Sedlo / Saddle / is small stony island in shape of half moon SW from island Kurba Vela. Big underwater plateau formed itself in the waters of the southern tip of the island.Vertical "wall" and its curves sometimes create ceiling where enormous activities of sea creatures can be observed.

Vodenjak is islet in Southern Kornati.Good anchorage is on the west side of the island. SW side steeply crashes into the sea some 50 m down. That vertical structure is another one of Gorgonia habitats in vicinity. Water is so clean, transparent and pristine that can trick a diver and condition as such calls for extra caution.


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