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Monday, February 27, 2006

Remodeling of old burg in Varazdin in XVI ct

At that time Varazdin was a main fortress in defence against Turks and their efforts to penetrate Styria and Central Europe. Orders were issued by Emperor Ferdinand and Styrian Parliament for uninterupted flow of financial support. Restoration and strenghtening of the Schlossberg castle in Graz and fortification in Varazdin was almost simultanious.
Domenico dell' Alto, architect and builder was brought from Como and Lugano. Ivan Ungnad, captain of Styria and the Lord of the castle invited him. Restoration of the castle in Renaissance style was going on through next 20 years. Structure was completley transformed with addition of 3 massive round towers and water ditches. South wall was opened with arcades and north and west wing got windows. In the eastern round tower Renaissance chapel was built. Fortification was rectangular in shape and followed the plan of previous ground work.
This was the last major restoration of the castle.


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