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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Climbing, hiking and mountain biking on Velebit mountain range in Croatia

This impressive, 150 km long mountain range stratches parallel to the Adriatic coast.It has been classified as World Biosphere Reserve( at this point only one in Croatia)according to UNESCO classification system. Nature Park Velebit is magnificent in its size and diversity. Total area is close to 2000 sguare km and shelters unique wildlife. Some of Croatian endemic and rare plants have there habitat on Velebits cliffs and its meadows.
Velebit can be divided and described using different aproches, geographicaly it has 3 parts- Northern Velebit, Middle velebit, Sothern Velebit, using landscape as a description tool there are two faces - rocky one on the coastal side and forested one facing continental inland, etc.
Two national parks are located in Northern and Southern Velebit respectively. Altghough they are really exceptional and beautiful there are so many other sithes in same areas which are unjustly neglected.
Very special geological structure can be seen in the most southern area of Velebit- Tulove grede. They are situated above Obrovac and Zrmanja river valley ( great place for canoeing, rafting and boat tours).
Purpose of this introduction is to give general directions in terms of size and importance. Naturally, knowing that we are discussing mountain range best aprocah is one without car or organized tourist groups. It is amazing and rewarding to go and see National Parks and well advertised spots, but most valuable treasures are always slightly hidden.
Slopes, cosy and inviting places, caves, wild canyons and strange karst formations, streams, springs and desaperaing rivers are in fact there to be seen by people who are willing to venture in less known.
In weeks to come I would like to describe different sections of the mountain range and give some hints about when and where to go, places to stay and visit and so on...


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