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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why long term rental in Croatia can be good for you??

One of rarely mentioned advantages of rentals in Croatia. If one is retired or enjoys all opportunities free lancing jobs are offering renting in Croatia presents in itself great chance for nicer and/or more luxurious life Earnings and average standard of local people is below prominent members of European Union. It means that food, services etc comes significantly cheaper. Not to mention that renting price always covers utility bills. Following that reasoning an individual can spend better part of the year in nice climate, surrounded with all essentials of modern society (but still with slower and more natural pace) and save money. Dividing time between "home base" and location in Croatia can be beneficial for standard and life planning. It may be the way to avoid harsh winter, renovation at home, swapping places with friends and relatives. Combinations are without end and it's easy to establish persona approach - whatever goes. Half year here, half there, 8 months in Dalmatia, 4 somewhere else and so on and on.
Everybody who starts with this pat should think it over seriously. It may or may not seam easy but it is good, logical, and still not explored enough area.
If person discovers that "it works" than one should consider something more permanent like long term switch or buying property.


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